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Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of video games. Indeed, choosing a programming career has a lot to do with my passion for games because in my childhood I was curious to know how these games were produced and it made me went deep down into the world of computers and software development.

Today I work with programming, but not games programming, and I'm still trying to understand the game development world. So this post is to tell you my little history as an inveterate gamer.

First Videogame

Atari 2600

My first videogame was an Atari 2600, I remember with great nostalgia the afternoons and evenings I spent with my cousins playing classics such as River Raid, Enduro, Pitfall and many other games on times when we had poor graphics and rich creativity. Disputes were large and great discussions about who was the best and getting to the "end" of games that often do not have purpose.

I remember when I went with my father or my mother in a store near our house and was drooling over the gaming session almost begging my parents to buy at least one game for me. I was happy without piracy and did not realize :-) Another way to get games at that time was to borrow with your colleagues or relatives.

Today, occasionally, I download Atari emulators on the computer just for nostalgic remembering games that marked my introduction to the gaming world in childhood.

Second Videogame

Turbo Game

The Turbo Game was a NES 8-bit clone manufactured by CCE here in Brazil. The advantage of this toy is that it ran the Japanese and American games, which came with chips of different sizes. Another famous console at that time was the Phantom System which had almost the same features of the Turbo game.

At that time I already had friends at school and began to exchange games with them, or borrow. The rental of games was salvation for those who had little money to buy the games.

Some games that marked that time were Super Mario Bros. 3, Double Dragon, 1942 Bomberman, Contra, the very very difficult Battletoads, Skate Or Die and many others I cannot remember now.

And comes the 16-bit era

Super Nintendo

It's amazing how Nintendo dominated the market for a LONG time, which later would put his first place taken by Sony. But the Super Nintendo was the console I played most. At that time I was in High School and still had the healthy habit of exchanging and renting games. The Super Nintendo controller was extremely smooth and easy to use, and also introduced the L1 and R1 buttons that improved the gameplay significantly.

In addition, the Super Nintendo was the first console that made it possible to bring famous franchises of arcade machines for our domestic console. Games like Street Fighter II, Final Fight and Mortal Kombat appeared on the console and brought joy to many gamers like me who spent their hard-earned allowance money in arcades in the neighborhood.

A game that I played a lot in this console was Superstar Soccer. I can remember memorable disputes with classmates in this game and remember that few could play as equals with me in that game. About this time, soccer championships started to rise, and it was nice to participate with colleagues in these championships.

Gaming on PC


After owning a Super Nintendo, I stopped playing on consoles for a long time and dedicated myself to play on the PC. It was then that I met the RPG's and real time strategy games that made my joy for a long time. I played the first Resident Evil on PC, the same with first Need for Speed. But then it was very annoying install and uninstall games on the PC, so when I started to work and got a paycheck, I decided to go back to consoles. This leads us to the next phase of my life in games.

Finally, a Playstation 2

Playstation 2

I bought my Playstation 2 when almost everyone had one. I ordered mine online and got a hell of anguish because the store was not well known at the time and the Post Office were on strike. My PS2 was unblocked and yes, this time I became a pirate gamer, everyone was doing it, but today I'm not very proud of it actually. I did not play so many games on the PS2, but I could finally get back to playing good old soccer with the Winning Eleven series (and its many modifications) and met a game I consider today one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of video games, Metal Gear Solid 3. Revolutionary, innovative, outstanding, this game could arrest me for a good time on the platform, and finally, one of the last games that caught me in the PS2 was Final Fantasy XII, had never played any game in the series, but liked this and was entertained with it for a long time.

We arrived in the present era

Playstation 3

Currently I'm a married man, indeed VERY happily married, and I have basically two sources of entertainment with games at home. An iPod Touch and after negotiating with my wife (thank you, my love!), I now have a PS3, and one of the first games I played on the PS3 was Metal Gear Solid 4 and then got Fifa 10, the best soccer franchise nowadays. I'm not a pirate gamer anymore and I'm happy with it.

Well, I made this post to keep as a memory of my journey through various consoles to the point where we are today. I had the opportunity to play several consoles and each marked my life in a different way. It is difficult to explain to non-gamers, the fascination that videogames can cause.

Anyway, anyone reading this post, tell me which consoles have had and what makes you be fascinated by games.


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